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The History

Recognising increasing customer requirements for self-managed websites, we started off a decade ago thinking there would be no need for us to reinvent the wheel.

Initially we worked with a range of open source offerings and found that whilst our techies can happily engage with open source products it was clear to see that our customers' over-riding requirement was for an intuitive and visually comforting interface. So we concluded that we felt unable to recommend using Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and the like, which perform well technically but do not make the every-day web tweaks a pleasure, especially for non-technical users.

Then we looked at alternative offerings, such as Contribute. There are some good software packages out there but not what our customers really needed - a user-friendly content management system.

In our book, a Content Management System should be exactly that – a simple interface to manage, edit and publish web content, all through a browser window and without needing hours of time, a quiet and peaceful room, a fantastic memory, a silent phone, technical and design skills and the patience of two saints!

Frustrated by the lack of usability of these 'off the shelf' CMS offerings, we decided to pool the knowledge of our ten strong team, thinking about what we would want from a CMS technically, from a marketing perspective, administratively .....and critically as a business, in terms of set up cost, ongoing costs and return on investment.

The result was Version 1 of ABCMS.  Each year we add new elements taking into consideration the ever developing web world in which our CMS operates. For example browser trends move on one time Netscape was really popular...(who uses that now?) ... but Firefox, Safari and more recently Chrome and IE9 have come out ...and so we tweak ABCMS to make sure it functions well on popular platforms. Another example is the very common requirement to integrate and support social media in websites ...again we monitor such trends to make sure that your CMS does an excellent job for you.

We're now on V8. of ABCMS, which offers a wide range of core functions and enables us to "plug in" additional functionality from a large stable of optional modules, and of course bespoke functions that are tailored to individual clients. We are delighted to be working with over a hundred active installations and to have ABCMS recognised by our industry as an innovative, reliable and highly effective full-function content management system.

ABCMS is currently being licensed in order that other approved web development companies can use it as their key development tool.  At present MagStar Ltd is the only accredited licensee for ABCMS.

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